Wheel of Fortune. 

You are in charge of your own luck and future. If you want to change something, don’t just wait ‘till it happens but take control of it yourself (de touwtjes in eigen handen nemen means take the strings in your own hands). At the end of the story Pinocchio finally outsmarts the fox and the cat by not falling for their tricks anymore and because of that he take control of his own life. 

The Sun.

Warmth, optimism, and a new start. After a long and dark time, being swallowed by a whale, Pinocchio’s future finally seems bright for him and his father. 

The Tower. 

Something has to go extremely wrong to see that change is necessarily. Pinocchio was so naive and blind on Pleasure Island; he had to be changed into a donkey to realize he was going down the wrong path. 


Balance. What goes around comes around. Pinocchio gives al his money and love to the fairy and in return she changes him into a real boy. 

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